Pr. Ramon Escalante

Director of AEC Spanish Ministry of Churches,

Seventh Day Adventist Church

"We are very thankful to Judith Montilla for the translation services that she has granted to the AEC Spanish Ministry of Churches, of which I am the director. Her agency with its multiple services has been a viable asset to us. We would like to express our appreciation for her prompt, timely and professional work that she has granted to the Spanish Ministry for over 14 years to our constituents.

Thank you Judith, great job, thank you!"

Damaris y David.mp4

Mr. and Mrs. Crespo

"We are very thankful to Judith for translating our immigration documents, for her excellent job: organized and professional."


Mr. D. J. Mincy

Author of the Adventures of Apple and Banana series

"Hi, my name is D.J. Mincy. I'm the author of several children's books. The Adventures of Apple and Banana series. These books are written in English, but one of the things I wanted to do was to have these books translated into Spanish and give the children an opportunity where Spanish was their first language, or Spanish was the language they were most comfortable with, to give them the opportunity to read these books and enjoy them on the same level as English speakers would. Miss Montilla gave me that opportunity and she offered her services to translate those three books into Spanish and it came out incredibly well. It was professionally done, and I would give this advice to anyone who wants to have, regardless if it’s just a book, any book, any document, if you want to have those translated into Spanish or from Spanish to English, I would highly suggest that you reach out to Ms. Montilla for her services. I’m glad that I did.”

Kevin Perez - Video .mp4

Mr. Kevin Perez

"Judith is a member of the OBED-EDOM SDA Church and help us as an interpreter in our services. She makes it possible for the other Hispanic members to understand and be blessed with English preaching. I recommend her as an interpreter!"

Pr. Marcos Barrios, Seven Day Adventist Church

"I'm grateful for your service. It's Excellent! Ms. Paola Pimentel

"Thanks for the service. Very happy indeed. Very good. I'm grateful. Excellent and very effective services. Highly recommended." Jose Pena

"Thanks to Oxford Translation and Ms. Judith for the excellent work with my translations. 100% recommended." S. Victoria

"Mrs. Judith Montilla, thank you for your attention and your excellent professional work. A thousand blessings and God give you a lot of life and health to continue helping us, the immigrants, in this long process. Thank you very much." Cesar Perez


"Doctor Judith Montilla's Bi-Lingual Skills are impressive. As someone who's adopted Spanish as a second language, recognizing her abilities was easy. Additionally, working with Dr. Judith is a pleasure. I highly recommend Dr. Judith for any and all bi-lingual services.

Sincerely, Vicente Kusy

Prime Immigration Services"